Online Marketing Services

Want increase your company traffic on your business? Tannet offer you a news tools to market your company to global world by using cutting edge technology – Online Marketing. Online marketing enable you to reach large target audience by using minimum budget and short time of period compare with offline marketing.

Tannet deliver proven:

1. Create Company Webpage- assist your company create a webpage which is best fit your company background and describing your company product and services.

2. Online E-mailing – your business needs to maintain its authenticity, brand awareness and customer loyalty. Bulk email marketing and mass mailings are the most cost effective ways to achieve your goals and increase sales.

3. Social Media Marketing Services- assist you to create or maintain social media networking media such as twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and others. This is one of the easier and faster ways to create audience discussion for your company product and services.

4. Search Engine Optimization Services- how fast online user able to search your website in search engine like Google, yahoo and its greatest online marketing method to business.

5. Online Promotion/Advertising – Integrate with web marketing method such as Groupon, affiliate program, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management Services – Google Adwords Services.

6. Create Your Ad Title – is your company keen to penetrate to Hong Kong, China and Malaysia Market? We help you create your Ad title at TANNET to attract customers searching for your business product.

Planning your online marketing is vital. TANNET will guide you step by step to switch on your online marketing business.