Singapore Company Registration

Tannet provide Singapore company registration services to assist you to set up business in Singapore. Singapore companies are incorporated pursuant to and governed by the Singapore Companies Act. Most companies are private companies limited by shares. Unlimited companies and companies limited by guarantee may also be incorporated. Tannet can provide Singapore companies incorporated specifically to client instructions. Alternatively shelf companies are immediately available and can be restructured as directed.

Why Choose Singapore?

– There are 5 million people living in Singapore and made up of three major ethnic groups,
Chinese, Indian and Malay.
– Singapore is a developed economy with an extremely wealthy population.
– Singapore is not your stereotypical Asian City. It’s clean, ultra safe, quiet and modern.
– The port of Singapore is the world’s busiest port in terms of total shipping which represent a good location among the other country.

Advantages of Singapore:

(i) Proximity of China- Singapore is both geographically and culturally close to China and big trade with other country as well.

(ii) Diversified of economy- Singapore has a huge pharmaceuticals sector as well as big financial services, tourism and shipping sectors. It was well diversified economic positioned.

(iii) Free Trade Philosophy- After Hong Kong, Singapore is the second freest economy in the world. Relatively low government spending of GDP, strong property rights and low levels of corruption


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