Hong Kong Company Registration

Tannet Group offer Hong Kong Company Registration to the entrepreneur whom like to expand business intentionally in field of market penetration, trading strategy, etc.

Hong Kong is an international metro and a well-known free trading port in the world. With the integrated infrastructure and the laws and legislations, it provides an advantageous commercial environment to all the enterprises in the world. Therefore, most entrepreneurs prefer on Hong Kong Company Registration for the following purposes such as facilitate trading, enhance company image, competitive advantages, tax planning and others.

Hong Kong Company Registration with Tannet

Benefits of Hong Kong Company Registration

1. Efficient Business Environment
2. Strategic Location
3. Infrastructure
4. Low Taxation
5. Less restriction on the Company Name

Hong Kong Company Registration – Application Criteria
There must be at least one shareholder aged above 18 years old (citizens of china or oversea personage with visas or ID cards), local registered address and Hong Kong legal secretary of the limited company.

Hong Kong Company Registration – Hong Kong Company Shareholders & Directors
Besides Hong Kong legal secretary, each company must have at least one Hong Kong Company shareholder and directors but that are not subsidiaries of public listed companies. Details of the Hong Kong Company Shareholders & Directors and Hong Kong legal secretary must be filed at the Hong Kong Companies Registry as a public record.

Hong Kong Company Registration – Hong Kong Legal Secretary
The government stipulates that a limited company must have a legal secretary; the legal secretary can be a natural person or a legal person. Our services include: arrange a Hong Kong legal secretary for Hong Kong Company Registration purpose, Information and data processing, preparation on business documents, cold calling, telephone transfer, travel arrangements, mailing service, research work, and market survey.

We have more services than the above mentioned such as Malaysia Company Formation, China Company Formation, Hong Kong Trademark Registration and Hong Kong Tax Planning, etc.

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