About Trademark Register


Trademark registration is one of elements in intellectual property. A trademark includes any word, name, symbol and design use in commerce to indentify and distinguish the goods. It is important for a company to have a legal protection to prevent unfair competition occurred. In short, a trademark register is necessary because it was represent a product brand name and quality.


In order to prevent repeat trademark registration, Tannet (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd requested all trademark applicants must provide one or more trademark designs and drawing together with required information. Before going to trademark registration, Tannet (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd will provide the trademark search to the related department to ensure there have no existing or similar trademarks are using in the market. During the pre-filling search, if, discovered the registering trademark is being used in market, the checking process will redo with sub-options. The entire pre-filling search process is need approximately 1-3 working days but may take longer time if required rechecking.

After searching, the related information will be reform, execute and file the trademark application to the respective countries IP department. The whole filling process will be completed within approximately 5-14 working days.

Basically, the entire trademark registration process is taken approximately 6-24 months to complete. Hong Kong has it fastest system of approval where only 6 months time. If, there have any objections on application, it may take longer time. Once the trademark register is succeed, the applicant will received a certificate of registration and can be use ® to indicate a registered trade.


Tannet (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd foresee the cooperation between China and Malaysia on commercial trade will be stronger and interdependent in coming years. It was a great opportunity for the entrepreneurs to promote their products to the potential market field or expand business lines internationally. Therefore, trademark protection is a must for international expansion. For free IP consultation or enquire about our trademark package, please contact us at 03-21455360 or please refer to www.tannetmalaysia.com.