Monthly Retainer Service

Tannet (M) Sdn Bhd
  • – Firms with multiple offices or more than 250 lawyers
    may wish to negotiate increased levels of service.
    – Regional market exclusives are also negotiable.
  • The retainer service includes:
    – 10 monthly service hours
    – Ongoing input on the company’s structure & strategies:
    tied to your company planning and business objectives
    – Ongoing input on the company’s tax planning
    – Client priority email & cell phone access

Our retainer service is designed to be an outsourced product that will compliment your company operations, we pride ourselves on working with and taking direction from your company’s leadership.

Our approach includes:

  • Corporate Structure
  • Tax Planning
  • Media Planning
  • Property Investment Advise

The goal is simple: To increase your determination with your business expansion.

Advertising & Branding Solutions

Marketing is the process and strategy use in sales, communications and business development. It is an integrated process through which companies build strong customer relationships and create value for customers. Marketing is used to identify the customer, satisfy the customer, and keep the customer

TANNET is a marketing, advertising and brand builder with practical tools to energize your company growth. TANNET specializing in:
1. Logo & Corporate Identity Design -business cards, letterhead, envelopes and the others.
2. Copywriting Design – ads, brochures, direct mail, trade show booths, websites and more.
3. Digital Marketing- advertisements, ad card, leaflet distribution, event.
4. Brand Building Strategies-slogan, activities, message (shape your business according with company mission and vision).
5. Corporate Communication- designs and executes programs to communicate persuasively and effectively our clients’ unique philosophies, management principles, operational plans and core values to key influencers and audiences.
6. Media Relations- create positive media coverage and positioning for our clients. Maintain and create good relationships with international and domestic media in the markets.

Are you ready for your business to growth? TANNET has both technical skills, and real world experience that enable you to reach and persuade your customers quickly and effectively. If you need more information on how we market your business, call us at 603-2145 5360.

Interpreter in China

China becomes the faster growing economy in the world. Huge opportunity from China, attract the investor from all over the world. Language barriers hinder foreign investor penetrates to China market. That is because of communication plays a vital role for businessman to do business with one and another. Through communication both parties can have an idea with what the other parties’ needs and wants.

Communicate effectively through an excellent interpreter is critical. TANNET’s interpreter is also a professional consultant with business background who able to speak Chinese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay, English, Hokkian and the others languages. TANNET able to assist businessman who plan to invest in China, Malaysia, Hong Kong .TANNET interpreter services in China, Hong Kong and Malaysia may help you understand more details with the local market.

TANNET may assist in your China, Malaysia and Hong Kong business tour:
1. Translator –Meeting, Conference, Business Negotiation Coordination, Appointments Arrangement
2. Documentation- Agreement, Contracts Review, Business Report, Public Notarize
3. Travel and Lodging Assistance- Tour Guide
4. Visa Extension in China

TANNET provide high quality services to individual and all type of companies ranging from small business to multinational companies. If you need more, call us at 603-2145 5360.

Business Tour

China is a huge market for the investors to invest into this market. It appears that no organization, company with international ambitions would afford not to be in China. However, the Chinese market is most challenging for foreigners: fierce competition, difficult acquisition process, and legal uncertainties are just a few examples. But the purpose to arrange a business tour to China is a stepping stone for all the investors to more understanding the environment and way to start their business in China.

As one of our specialized services, we help to have useful methods to communicate effectively with your Chinese business counterparts in China.  We have learnt about effective ways to minimize or avoid waste in time and money on your business trip to China.

China Tours Guide is one of the most professional experienced and reputed TANNET in China. You can contact us more convenient and you are dealing with a more professional team in China tourism. Our business ranges from tour itineraries planning, hotel and air tickets booking, airport transfer, guides offer, all kinds of rent services. Besides, all of these services could supply either as a package or separately and are guaranteed about the price and quality to meet various travelers with different needs at great value for money. In addition, we also involve in tours of other cities in China simultaneously. Businessman also can take this opportunity to do a survey or research in China with our professional team member opinion.

Our Trustworthy Team- Our team is mainly constituted by tour consultants, guides and drivers. All of the staff is professional with experience. Every member plays an important role in the whole travel operation. They are not only familiar with China attractions but also they could tell about them in depth up to the social, historical and cultural dimensions. What’s more, they are sincere in communication with the customers.

Our Flexibility Makes Trustworthy- We offer our services in a flexible manner because we respect that customers as our friend and we aim for long term relationship and benefits. Tannet Malaysia is looking for customer satisfaction. We will provide all the professional services to meets clients satisfaction.

Our Excellent Services Makes Trustworthy- Every employee of China is a professional in the inbound tour area; they are of good personal qualities. For example, our staff are capable to answer your questions, solve your problems regarding the tour and so on. They are always willing to do this entire thing with their true sincere.